Pedestrian Application

IceSight is a fixed or vehicle mounted, electro-optical sensor which reports the surface weather condition of roadways. This system will detect hazardous conditions including ice, snow, or water in real-time. It can also be configured to output road surface friction and/or surface temperature information.

The RW utilizes LED technology to increase reliability and decrease overall system cost. The system consists of an optics head which houses the active IR source and the receiver optics and an electronics box which can be conveniently mounted inside the cab of the vehicle or in a field cabinet.

The flexible data stream can be integrated with existing telematic systems for easy data transfer or sent to a hand-held device or lap-top for real-time monitoring.

Relevant Products

Walkway deicing


  • Risk mitigation
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces including walkways, parking lots, stairs, and ship decks.
  • Prevents ice, snow and water related problems from developingt
  • We have a solution to fit every budget