Highway Application
Weather protection for bridges, roads and highways.

Pavement icing is a significant safety hazard on highways, bridges, walkways and runways. Our sensors provide an economical means of gathering critical road condition information.

Highway Ice Detection

Relevant Products

  • IceSIght 2020E

    IceSight 2020E

    IceSight-2020E is an electro-optical sensor used to detect hazardous road conditions such as ice, snow, and water. The spectral differences of the road conditions are used to determine the surface state. The spectral data is analyzed in real-time and a road condition is reported.
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  • Mobile IceSight

    Mobile IceSight

    Mobile IceSight is a vehicle mount sensor that provides real-time surface condition and atmospheric information. It uses infrared technology to detect hazardous surface conditions without embedding any sensors in the pavement. The compact and rugged design can withstand the harsh environments of winter maintenance vehicles making it ideal for fleet management.
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  • Surface Sentinel

    Surface Sentinel

    Surface Sentinel is a compact and rugged sensor that provides surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dew point from a fixed tower or pole. The Surface Sentinel was designed for the demands of road management professionals. Standard open-architecture data output is available via SDI-12 to provide a common interface to industry standard datalogger and telemetry options.
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  • IceCap


    IceCapTM is an in-pavement road condition sensor designed specifically for ITS applications. The sensor allows the monitoring of the pavement status as well as pavement temperature. This sensor detects traction hazards including ice, snow, or water in real-time. It is an economical solution for many applications such as roadways, pedestrian walkways and runways.
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