Ship Application

Sea spray icing is a serious hazard for marine operations in high latitude regions. Our EPIPS ice protection system installed in the ship’s propulsor ducts provides extended operational capability.

Relevant Products

  • Electric Pulse Ice Protection System<

    Electric Pulse Ice Protection System

    EPIPS is an acceleration based de-icer for ice protection on ships and aircraft. This system provides an efficient low power solution for both metal and composite applications where sufficient electrical power is not available. The de- icer features a series of eddy current actuator coils and electronics packaged into an integrated actuator assembly. Actuator coils are strategically placed behind the leading edge to apply impulsive loads directly to the outer surface material. The rapid acceleration de-bonds and sheds ice into the airstream in a very efficient manner.
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  • Icewick


    Icewick is an anti-icing and anti-slip grate for marine and non-marine applications. The Icewick surface consists of robust grating or tiles that wick an anti-icing fluid to the icing-prone surface from a reservoir layer located beneath. Icewick is designed for use on walkways, stairs, ship decks and in work areas. The system is passive and self-regulating. Fluid can also be supplied from a remote location by pump if necessary.
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