Icing Onset Sensor
An Advanced Aircraft Icing Sensor

IOS is a novel airfoil ice sensor that provides the pilot with warnings of icing conditions and indications of critical ice thickness accumulation.

A deice output is available that can be directly used to activate a deicer. The thickness threshold is set commensurate with the thickness range for effective deicing for the specified deicer and within the performance constraints of the airfoil. This operational mode optimizes the effectiveness of the deicer while conserving power.

Download the Icing Onset Sensor spec sheet


  • General Aviation
  • Engine Inlets
  • Unmanned Air Vehicles
  • Road/BridgeSurfaces
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Antenna Towers


IceCap: Electronic Surface Contamination Sensor

IceCapTM is a surface mounted electronic sensor that reports the surface condition of roadways, pedestrian walkways and equipment. This system detects traction hazards including ice, snow, or water in real-time. It can also be configured to provide road surface friction information.

Download the IceCap spec sheet
Aircraft deicing


  • Detects initial onset of icing and indicates when critical ice levels are reached
  • Distributed ice measurement over the sensor area provides wide area sensing
  • Flush mount installation
  • Deice output available for autonomous deicing application