Stand alone solution for monitoring,
data logging, peripheral control,
and communication

IceSight-SAS is a turn-key solution for monitoring road surface conditions, data logging, peripheral control, and communication. It can be used as a stand alone system in remote locations or as part of an existing RWIS weather station.

The system features the IceSight 2020, IDI's flagship non-intrusive sensor, and a data processing unit which logs data and controls peripherals such as fixed de-icing sprayers or dynamic message signs.

IceSight is an optical sensor which provides accurate readings of surface conditions including ice, snow and water. The sensor features a unique cleaning system eliminating the high maintenance requirements of similar products. Easy pole-mount installation simplifies installation and eliminates the need to cut into the pavement surface.

Over 5 years of field evaluations with IDI customers have demonstrated the accuracy of the device. High sensitivity provides early warning to road management personnel when snow or ice begins to form, allowing them to take action before roads become hazardous.

Download the IceSight-SAS spec sheet


  • RWIS Sites
  • Dynamic message sign control
  • Automatic spray anti-icing
  • Traffic/weather monitoring
  • Hazardous roads/bridges
  • Aircraft runways and taxiways
  • Parking Lots
IceSight-stand alone system


  • Turn-key solution for road condition monitoring, data logging, control and communication
  • Remote surface sensing of ice, snow, wet, damp, and dry
  • Integrated lens cleaning system - low maintenance
  • Sensor accuracy immune to passing traffic
  • Surface & Air Temperature
  • Internet compatible communications - view data from any web browser
  • Flexible data streaming - integrate with existing RWIS
  • Low power requirements - may be solar powered
  • Easy Installation
  • Rugged all-weather design
  • Digitally controlled dry contact closure for sign or sprayer control
  • Continuous data logging
  • Outputs for serial or ethernet communication
  • Lower cost than similar systems