Ice Advisor
Portable Cockpit Ice Detector

Ice Advisor is an optical ice detector that uses an eyesafe laser to remotely determine the presence of ice on a surface or visible moisture and below freezing conditions in air. By sensing the absorption and reflection of laser light from the environment, Ice Advisor is able to alert the crew of the existence of icing conditions, or if actual ice layers have accumulated on the aircraft. Digital temperature readout is also available and displayed to alert the crew of freezing conditions at altitude.

The unit is mounted on the pilot or co-pilot side window and looks out at a surface to be monitored. Sensitivity is set to various levels to indicate the onset of ice, or delay until an appreciable buildup has occurred. In a second embodiment, the unit is mounted on the cockpit front windshield to directly alert the pilot when approaching icing conditions. The unit will also indicate direct ice buildup on the front windshield, which generally cannot be seen in IFR or night flying.

If your aircraft is equipped with deicing equipment, use the Ice Advisor to remind you to activate equipment early, before dangerous levels of ice can build up on your aircraft wing and tail surfaces. If your aircraft is not equipped with deicing equipment, but you regularly fly into IMC conditions, let the Ice Advisor warn you of impending icing conditions and enable you to properly avoid and exit these conditions.


  • Cockpit Ice Detection
Ice Advisor


  • Portable cockpit ice detection
  • Detects ice on wing leading edge or windshield
  • Detects icing conditions
  • Displays external temperature
  • Built-in cockpit map light
  • Battery operated, no STC required